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The Bach Music Complete Edition (The Bach Musik Gesamtwerk) alone already at a really favorable price ... and then even 10 high-quality Bach add-ons included in this price. Publisher and author, that is my husband Peter and I, are sure: This is the best "Bach deal" of all time.



The Bach Music Complete Edition (Gesamtwerk) plus the Historic Bach Music Edition of Music Sheets (Gesamtausgabe). Is the offer "too good to be true? No it's not. Please keep in mind, that my husband's Bach project and my publishing house is a common Bach mission. We do need your support and that is why we offer unbelievable cool deals to generate some financial budget to go on with our research. For this reason, this mutual adventure is no project to make a living, it is just a way – like that also works in museums – to generate a fraction of the money which we spend to illustrate the many websites and website pages, which Peter creates in his Johann Sebastian Bach Project, and to be able to hunt for more Bach treasures to buy more illustrations for pages, which will come into being in the future. Already now to the shop? Here's the link. So, in the case we are able to excite you, thank you so much for your purchase.


With your purchase of the Bach Music Complete Edition at "Bach 4 You" you definitely support  our Johann Sebastian Bach Mission much! Thank you.


The "unbelievable Bach Music Complete Edition Deal". To be frank: This unbelievable - almost too good to be true offer - results from the fact that the price tag for this Bach item is alone (... that is already without free add-ons) one of the lowest options in the Universe: It is € 119.00. VAT is included. However, there ist a whopping shipping fee (... is * on Google), particularly to the USA: € 38.00, to Great Britain it's € 18.00. Here is a currency calculator for your convenience. If you add both, we might not compete. But we have items, which are precious, but cost us nothing to provide a copy ... electronical offers ...and items, which we buy with an affordable volume discount which we hand down to you. We can not lower the price of the Bach Music Complete Edition (Gesamtwerk), as the mission's goal would lose its sense, and we can not lower the S&H fee, as the music CD box is too heavy. What we can do is, to deliver just more in our "Almost Too Good to be True Bach Package": The Bach Music Complete Edition plus the Historic Bach Music Edition of Music Sheets plus 9 more Bach add-ons. Read more about all Bach add-ons below the following picture underline. Further below these paragraphs find more information about the unique quality of this latest edition of a powerful music label.


The Bach Music Complete Edition is in German the Bach Music Gesamtwerk. Discover all the precious Bach add-ons. Profit from a super low and unique price, already without the 10 free Bach add-ons ... plus you support our common Bach mission  to spread the knowledge about Bach's life and music even more, with your purchasePlease check, what € 119 including VAT is in Dollars (... and actually in all currencies) today. Just click here. 


Because the 10th free add-on changes over the year, pleas be reminded, that which calendar you get is the decision of the publishing house. Very likely it's the one to your left in the size DIN A4 = 8.3 x 11.7 inch or 210 x 297 mm. However ... it could change without prior notice. The valid year is 2020 and is subject to a possible change as well.

Learn More About Your Bach Add-Ons Below the List, Next, Please Read About the Unique Quality of the Bach Music Complete Edition (Latest Publishing Worldwide) Below These Paragraphs

























Bach Item as a Free Add-On, that Come with the Bach Music Complete Edition (142 CDs in 1 Box)


The Historic Music Complete Edition of Music Sheets as PDF (Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe)


Johann Sebastian Bach for Children (... audiobook)


Johann Sebastian Bach for Children (... PDF file)


Johann Sebastian Bach for Children (... e-book)


The Bach Necrology Audio Book


The Bach Quotes and Tributes Medley Audio Book


The Little Bach Figure


The Small Bach Bust


The Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Book


A Music Calendar (... Surprise)


Complete Value of all Bach Add-ons



















Priceless !

























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Yes, we did it: Here my husband Peter is photographing in the museum in Leipzig, in Saxony. 8.400 photos x 2 pages = 16.800 sheets of music. Great fun for his back, because turning the pages required a "flowing movement" under the camera, then leaning back to avoid being in the picture yourself. Above you can see the laptop, with which we immediately checked the quality "in the field". On the left is a part of the volumes, red edition.


Even a slightly different position for taking pictures helps a little. On the right, the blue edition is at the top, a part of a green and a brown one further down. An edition is published over a period of 50 years. In our time, the "Revised New Bach Complete Edition" has been completed and work is already underway on the next one. It will be printed long after 2050.


Details regarding the 10 Bach Add-Ons that Come with Your Bach Music Complete Edition. Gift One: The "Alte Bach Musik Gesamtausgabe" = The "Old" Bach Music Edition of Music Sheets


The so-called "Old Bach Complete Edition". Yes, you are right, it sounds as if it is the same as the "Bach Complete Works". And then you add "old" ... that combined is the "Old" Bach Complete Edition. In German, it's actually a wordplay and it's confusing. And what now is what? In German the word "work" stands for the music, for instance on CDs, the term "Ausgabe", also sort of "work", for the "Bachish" music sheets published between 1851 and 1899. So the Complete Edition and the Complete Works are two completely different kind of animals. This edition above is called "old", because another – later – followed. And after that a third one. Of course, it is the gift that you "only" can receive as a PDF download, not on paper. However, this is the collection that Peter, my husband, photographed on 3 super long days in Leipzig, in Saxony, Germany. So actually you get both: The Bach Musik Gesamtwerk and the Bach Musik Gesamtausgabe, which is the Bach Music Complete Works and the Bach Music Complete Edition. Sort of. Yes ... indeed confusing.


No, you don't get 50 such volumes as an add-on with the purchase of the Bach Music Complete Edition. However, you get the space-saving PDF files of the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe" (The Old Bach Complete Edition), namely the 16,800 music sheets of Bach music.


Every single page in the 50 volumes is exciting. The "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe", the "Old Bach Complete Edition (... of music sheets), the first Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition ( ... music on 142 CDs).



The Audio Book.


It's not only for children, but for grownups, too. It is a more than 8 hours biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. Plus there are 19 "time-outs" with Bach's music. The whole production is narrated by a professional narrator and the main purpose is not to learn about all the details, which are listed in the regular biographies about the Thomas Cantor. 


Entertainment is – aside of transportation of the most important facts – the main goal of this cute read about the composer from Thuringia in Germany.


Little cherub Balthazar is a narration specialist and little cherub Veit, his BFF is expert in making music. This Johann Sebastian Bach biography is a crossing between the fun which both friends have and information plus music about the Thomas Cantor. 


Audio Sample Version With 19 Music Interruptions:



The audiobook "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children", the second Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


The PDF File.


Don't consider reading as the only option, after you downloaded the PDF. Another possibility is to give it away, to friends, to your cantor or to neighbors.


Of course, after your children read it. If you have children. Or you copy it and support our Bach mission's goal.


With this electronical option, you can enjoy all the paintings and the photos coming with Bach's life journey.

The PDF file "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children", the third Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


The e-Book.


However, if somebody, that got this cute information regarding the most famous composer of all time and in the whole Universe tells you, that he or she is not capable to read a PDF, here's the same work as an e-book. However, there are no pictures and no photos coming with this option.

The e-book "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children", the fourth Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


Actually this is the oldest biography about Johann Sebastian Bach, better it is a short biography. It is written by Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel and two more authors. Ready in 1750, Bach's death year and published not earlier but 4 years later.


The fun that comes with the description of Bach's life is, how people were talking, back then in 1750. The whole Necrology is narrated by a professional narrator and you listen to Bach's music, however, the music sections are not longer than 3 minutes each.


Listening to this short biography does not spoil further Bach reading of any kind, for example reading a more detailed Bach biography.



Audio Sample:



The Bach necrology from 1750, the fifth Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


Bach – and there is no doubt about  is the most famous composer in the Universe and of all time. Plus, he is the icon of the both largest and most famous family of musicians. There is no musician, about whom more personalities, other musicians, scientists, politicians, a president and a pope said exciting and great things. Their tributes are Bach quotes today.


My husband Peter  he is a sound engineer among others  let these quotes narrate by a professional and added  however, not too much  of Bach's music. A short biography of 8 minutes – also with music of the master  is an additional treat. Just test listen to the audio sample here.




Audio Sample:



The "Bach Quotes and Tributes Medley", the sixth Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


We waited many years for exactly that Little Bach Figure, because we knew, how cute it would look. We even thought about creating one ourselves. There was a Martin Luther around for many years, however no Bach. And ordering one just for us ... that would have been too much money, even if we had ordered in a huge number of copies. Now, it's "alive" and it's one of the cutest Bach items in the shop and definitely the cutest Bach add-on of the 10 coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


The Little Johann Sebastian Bach Figure, the seventh Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.



It actually is the cutest of 4 Bach busts, which you can buy in the publishing house "Bach 4 You". Its height is 3.9 inches and its weight is 0.22 lbs.! Bottomline: It is one of the two cute add-ons coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.

The miniature Bach bust, the eighth Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


Actually this Bach coloring book is not for your to color. But it's perfect if your kids are in the matching phase of their life.


If you have no children, or they are still too young, or they prefer spending their time on the internet, it might be the perfect gift for grandchildren, neighborhood children, friend's children or the next kindergarten.


Peter, my husband, created 17 stations in Bach's life that are interesting. After that he asked his cousin Briana Bach-Hertzog to draw these situations and I created "all the rest". Coming with these coloring challenges there is a little bilingual biography, probably the shortest short biography about Bach in the world. It's in German and English. If there are kids around in the matching age, it is definitely a really precious add-on, coming with the Bach Musik Complete Edition.


The Bach coloring book, the ninth Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.



The 10th Bach add-on is sort of little complicated. It is a current music calendar. However, what means "current"? As a calendar publisher I calculate in seasons, not in years. That means, in November and December 2021 you receive the music calendar above for 2021. In January and in February 2021 the same thing is true. From March or April 2021 we send you the music calendar 2022. A funny option: You might get one more music calendar for free, when there are some left of the past season. Please note, that this particular Bach add-on is not a guaranteed item. It might happen, that you receive a different music calendar than displayed above, if the last such calendar left our publishing house, and we didn't yet have the time to change the picture. So, we ask for your acceptance of any music calendar with your purchase, coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition. Important and attention: In any case of doubt it is the publishing houses decision, which calendar will be the add-on, plus also for which year that will be ... this acknowledgment is agreed, when you order this item package coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


A Bach calendar or a music calendar, size DIN A4 = 8.3 x 11.7 inch = 210 x 297 mm, of our choice (!), the tenth Bach add-on coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition.


Profit from a Constantly Improving Quality: Here's the Latest Publication of the Johann Sebastian Bach Music Complete Edition from a Specialized Music Publisher 


The Bach Music Complete Edition or the "Bach Musik Gesamtwerk" ... in the latest edition of 2014, plus the "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe" (... this is a PDF with the music sheets with Bach's musical works) as an add-on. Plus a gift on top of it.  Or two other gifts on top. A total of 142 CDs full of music make up this Bach Music Complete Edition of 1,128 titles that Johann Sebastian Bach composed in his lifetime and which have not disappeared in the meantime. The quality of this complete work of music on 142 CDs is outstanding: The music both in the performance of the musicians and in technical nature, because most of the works are remastered in DDD quality. With the 2 gifts that come with it, this complete Bach oeuvre becomes a real hit: Did you know, for example, that the audiobook of the Bach biography for children  with 66 musical breaks  has a running time of at least eight hours? And ... this complete Bach oeuvre is very probably the only one where you can choose from 10 different gifts, including this audiobook just mentioned. "Bach 4 You", or more precisely the Renate Bach Publishing House, would like to inspire you for this complete music work of Bach  with the "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe". 204 hours of music by the Thomas Cantor for € 119,00 and in addition the "Alte Musik-Gesamtausgabe" of the Leipzig Bach Society from 1851 to 1899 and beyond that also 2 valuable gifts: Where else can you find such a thing? Since 2014, the music publishers have succeeded in further optimizing the quality and arranging the individual musical works even better and in such a way that this complete Bach oeuvre now fits on 142 CDs instead of 155 CDs. Of course, without missing a single piece. And what exactly the Old Bach Complete Edition is now, you can read below. 


Please support our Bach mission  learn more. 


The "Alte Bach Musik Gesamtausgabe", Which Is the "Old Bach Music Complete Edition": Here You Get a Few Cool Examples


There is the "Gesamtwerk of Bach", which is the "Complete Edition of Bach Music Works" and the "Bach-Gesamtausgabe", which is the "Bach Complete Edition" as well (... it's strange as in German you can't tell which is which by the name as there are two similar names, which actually mean the same thing). Both are the music of Bach. Confusing, even for Germans. That is what we thought, after we started to work on this particular website after three years with "Bach and his music". The bottom line? The "Bach Gesamtwerk" in German is the same as the Bach Complete Edition, that is to say a box with lots of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. There are 142 CDs in 142 cardboard slipcases (... everything else would be too heavy and too bulky). It's different with the Bach-Gesamtausgabe. There is an "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe" and a "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe plus into the bargain there is a "New Revised Bach-Gesamtausgabe". The difference is tiny however it's exciting only for real Bach scientists. This "Bach Gesamtausgabe" is the collection of all still existing music sheets of the music works of Johann Sebastian Bach on paper, published 1851 - 1899 by the Bach Society in Leipzig, photographed by my husband from an age-old historic edition, edited and as a result in the highest quality ( ... okay, there are some historic documents, some of them as old as 160 years with some stains and age wear, but nothing too bothersome). Today they are copyright free. 16,800 pages, notes and text – as a PDF of 300 dpi – it's about notes and text – on sixteen thousand eight hundred pages ... impressive! The difference between the "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe" and the "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe" is marginal. However, not for Bach scientists. And I want to mention, that there are only a few note sheets with Bach's handwriting. Everything else is edited in 1851 - 1899, that's still historic enough, am I correct? The "Bach Gesamtwerk", the "Bach Complete Edition", the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe", the "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe", the "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe", the "New Revised Bach-Gesamtausgabe". Is it all clear now?


The "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe" was released between 1954 and 2007 and the price tag until the end of 2015, was approximately $18,000. Later, from 2016 and today it is around $ 23,000. Yes, you can trust your eyes, every zero is correct. The "New Revised Bach-Gesamtausgabe" comes into being right now: three volumes are already available, in the oncoming two to five decades the "rest" will follow. The difference compared to the "Old Bach- Gesamtausgabe"? Some estimated 2% of the notes are changed per edition ... because science never sleeps. 


Very important and because of the nice cute pic above: This "Old Bach- Gesamtausgabe" is what you get with the purchase as a PDF file. So, it's not on paper, no CD, no DVD, no USB-stick. Here you get to the shop again.


The top right was Mr. Johann Sebastian Bach himself. It wasn't us! How good it is that the 16.800 pages are available as pdf files ... that is so wonderfully space-saving and you can print out yourself exactly what you want to play tomorrow.


Shipping + Handling to Your Home in the Whole World


We start the delivery within 2 days from your order (... that is to say the package leaves our place within two days after your order, actually 95 % leave our house on the very same day). The package is sent by DHL, one of the largest freight forwarders in the world. Plus your Bach Music Complete Edition travels insured. No matter whether it's to Canada, Japan, Argentina, Russia, India, Korea or all other countries in the world. However  and please don't blame us for that  even with our perfect declaration your music surprise including Bach gifts might pause at your country's customs department. And is grounded there for whole 2 weeks. The Worst case scenario were 2 months delay for that reason and the lady who bought it, was not even mad with us. However, that was a 1 per thousand situation. * ... means plus S & H.


Can you already picture your Complete Edition of Bach Music Works inside this box? Make a real music dream come true. At costs of 83 Cents per CD or 11 Cents per music work of Bach. You are just two clicks away. Okay, maybe four! 


Is There a Tax Situation?




No, there is no tax situation for you. That means, you pay € 119 plus S&H including VAT. In this paragraph it is not about VAT, which is - as said - included. It is about an import tax. This tax, if there is any, it is on us. However, we never had such a tax scenario ever. So, we assume and checked and there is none at all. If that is not true in your particular case, pay the fee to your postman, ask for a receipt (... this is really important to get your money back from us) and send a photo made with your smartphone from this payment. We will send you a "Bank of America check" ASAP or return your money to your Pay Pal account with no delay.


In addition to our conviction that there is no such tax, please read the source related to this matter yourself. And consider my suggestion and my promise to pay for it, if you paid for it first. Please click on the link and get to the official page on a US authorities website regarding import taxes for consumers


To the USA, Columbia, China, Australia and All Other Nations in the World – We Optimize All Paper Work, so You Get Your Music in the Shortest Time


What can we do, to speed up the delivery at your front door? Is there at all something which can speed up your personal music gift. Yes, there is. We follow all the customs and postage requests to perfection, which is filing a customs declaration (... although VAT is included and there is no additional tax), and make an easy reading and proper address section. This is a guarantee to get the shortest and best transportation handling. We try hard to send your ordered items on the same day and bring them to the very place, where they are processed on this day as well. And we care about the fastest affordable transportation company. Because we want to excite you and we want to encourage you, to order again and to recommend our common mission. 


1,000+ Music Gifts and There Are More Every Week: There Are 3 "Departments, which You Can Explore

Here you will find 1,000+ music gifts and Bach gifts in 5 online gift platforms. Please click here.


99 music calendars, from traditional to more than cool: That is what you find at "Bach 4 You" and that is to say in the shop. There you will find pipe organ calendars, composers calendars, Bach calendars and music calendars for children and music calendars for grownups. Attention: The calendar with Beethoven on the title page above and below are different works!


The latest "inventions: the Mozart Calendar and the Beethoven Calendar. You get them in 3 sizes. 2021 + 2021.


The cool Bach gifts in the shop at "Bach 4 You". What a variety, how many cool gift  ideas.


How Does that Work After All? 


One publishing house, one author and one mission. The publishing house, that is first of all me, Renate Bach and the name of the publishing house is to the point: Renate Bach Verlag, which is Renate Bach Publishing House in English, "Bach 4 You". However, our "mission" is my husband's as well, Peter Bach jr. and his project "Bach ueber Bach" which is "Bach on Bach" in English. Together the two of us have got into our heads to spread the music works and the life of Johann Sebastian Bach plus the knowledge about the famous family of musicians, with our common "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission".


Two creative individuals on the international Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team: Renate and her husband Peter Bach jr., who is related to the composer, at a somewhat far distance.


The Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team: a bunch of artists, creatives, native speakers, translators and narrators – from Wechmar to Washington, D.C., from Kiev to Beijing – who support and help both Bachs dynamically in their mission


Of course there are many, many more gift ideas in the shop of "Bach 4 You" than the ten gifts shown above. Anyway: To browse there a little is as much fun as a visit on the Bach project website of my husband "Bach on Bach". On my publishing house "Bach 4 You" website you don't even have to know what you are looking for, there you will find some great ideas and also some suggestions that could replace a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers as a gift for your friends in a really original way when you visit them the next time. However, with the gift voucher as an option you can also simply give more "Bach gifts", from music calendars to Bach books. The gift voucher is also the right choice if you can't decide on your second Bach gift today.  


Pipe Organ Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars and Music Calendars: The Specialty of "Bach 4 You"


Two composers calendars. They are permitted – as an exception  to end the page regarding the Bach Music Complete Edition here. Okay, that is now advertisement and that is for all 99 music calendars of the small calendar publishing house in Germany with the name of "Bach 4 You". These composers calendars with 12 portraits (... on the left) and 12 monuments (... on the right) of the real masters of classical music are two of the 33 composers calendars, that "Bach 4 You" offers. 


Please support our Bach mission, even with the purchase of a music gift or a non-music gift outside the 5 Bach shops  learn more. 


A Bach calendar on the left, the Little Bach Figure on the right.


The Bach beer stein. Better? The modern Bach beer stein, as there are two historical Bach beer steins as well. On the right side there is the 2021 pipe organ calendar, one of more as every a year a new pipe organ calendar is published and the pipe organ calendars of the years before are still available. You get to the shop here.





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